This site is in an archived state. Read more.

Dreamweaver Fever: Now in archive

As of April 2006, this site is an archive of outdated material. I know a lot of people use older versions of Dreamweaver, and so the content on this site could still be of interest, so I'm leaving it here but marking it as obsolete.

Nothing on this site is supported or offered with a warrenty of any kind at all. It never really was, but even less so now.

Dreamweaver Extensions

There are a number of extensions downloadable from this site. Many pre-date the Macromedia Extension Manager, and so have to be installed by hand. Many hundreds of people download these every week and I truly have no idea why. I do not recommend their use. They're old. Forget it. Move on.


The Play section houses a number of so-called 'experiments'. These were interesting at the time, but a number of them are no longer technically interesting, or require server technologies I am no longer able to provide for this site. In either case, these have been gracefully removed.