Dreamweaver MX Web Development

Hey! I've written a book — a good one!

Learn how to make Dreamweaver MX work for you in real-world development situations

Dreamweaver MX Web Development deals with the day-to-day problems developers face, and demonstrates how to use advanced features in Dreamweaver MX to address them. The book covers issues such as templates, site architecture, CSS, and form design head on. Each chapter focuses on the problem, discusses the technology and how solutions can be implemented using Dreamweaver MX, all followed up with a case study in every chapter. Dreamweaver MX Web Development attempts to answer the question "so what?" by showing you how these techniques actually help you to build sites that work in the real world.

Dreamweaver MX Web Development is an advanced level book for those wishing to extend their knowledge of Web development using Dreamweaver MX. The book assumes a good working knowledge of the software, picking up from where many other books on the market leave off.

Chapter listing

Part I — Advanced Design and Architecture
Expert Web Design
Site Architecture
Advanced Forms
Advanced Browser and Platform Compatibility
Cleaning and Editing HTML
Dynamic HTML
Part II — Workflow and Design Control
Cascading Style Sheets
Advanced CSS Design
Advanced Template Design
Advanced Library Item Design
Advanced Table Design
Advanced Frame Design
Advanced Browser Windows
Part III — Developing Projects Further
Building Web Applications
Tooling Up for Application Building
Customizing your Environment
Installing Extensions


Author : Drew McLellan
ISBN : 0735713081
Publisher : New Riders
Pages : 608

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