Flash Satay

This page attempts to further support and document a technique for embedding Flash movies into XHTML pages. The technique was first described in an article written for A List Apart, and has been known as Flash Satay.

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All your base are belong to Flash

While implementing the ALA article above, it became apparent how careful we had to be when working out paths. The <object> element inherits the base URL of the document. This is normally the document's URL, but in the case where a different <base> has been set, paths become relative to this.

On top, Flash has built in 'security' measures which make life really tough. If the Flash player thinks the movie is being loaded from a different domain to that of the page in which it is embedded, it gives up and does nothing. It would also seem that it's very easy to confuse the Flash player into thinking that this is the case. Flasher, beware!

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