Defining A Connection in UltraDev

In order to start using data in your UltraDev pages, you need to define a connection for UltraDev to use. In the Modify menu, select Connections.

This window will probably be empty unless you have defined a connection before. We want a new connection, so click New.

Enter a name for your connection. I've started mine with "conn" to remind me that it's a connection, and not any other sort of data when I come to use it later.

I've already set up my ODBC Data Source Name, so I make sure that it's the selected option, and then select my DSN from the list.

I don't need a Username or Password (you'll know if you do), so I'll click Test to test the connection...

That's what we like to see! We're all set now to start building dynamic, data driven pages. Click OK to finalize your settings.